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Get Paid To Read Emails - With EmailCashPro

About EmailCashPro

EmailCashPro is the FIRST Get Paid To Read Emails Site in Singapore and is now expanding its reach to Malaysia, Philippines US, UK, Australia and other parts of the world.

It's based on the idea of paying you to read emails that you are interested in.
1) Decide what you want to receive
Choose your area of interest

from 30 different categories, including mobile phones, personal development, dating opportunities, investing, travel, digital products, etc. Let the best deals look for you instead of searching for them! 2) Get paid to read your interested emails
Our system will match your interest and profile with our email advertisements called SoloAds. Each SoloAd comes with a clear subject headline. If you are interested in the subject, open and read those emails and get paid at the same time!
"I have gotten one email today. It was also a good help to me because it was something I needed more information on. I love your website!" - Chaddie Dimiati
3) Receive useful tips in your monthly interactive newsletter
Joining EmailCashPro is not just about making money. Every month, our members will receive an interactive newsletter in which we share useful tips in various aspects of life, including wealth creation, personal development and internet marketing. As a member, you can also share your opinions with other members. That's why we call it interactive newsletter.
"EmailCashPro has done a good job in its outreach programme and PR. The newsletter were excellent as it feels like someone real and caring is talking to us." - Anna Lee
4) Explode your earnings with our referral system
Leverage on our system, invite your friends to join this wonderful program for FREE and see your earnings grow exponentially!
"I have been paid for 5 times since I joined the program. A great program to build a passive income and suitable for all age group. Get on board and start earning today!" - More proofs
5) New! Get FREE password to access membership worth USD 47.
If you are interested in internet marketing, this Special Bonus is probably your best bonus ever! Once you become a member of EmailCashPro, you will be able to have FULL access to Craziest-Deal membership. With more than 10GB of materials, this membership is a Gold Mine of information that will help you to skyrocket your online business.
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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Dapat Duit Dolar hanya baca Email....Benarkah...? adalah FIRST Get Paid To Read Email Situs di Singapura dan kini memperluas jangkauan-nya ke Malaysia, Filipina AS, Indonesia, Inggris, Australia dan merupakan salah satu program penghasil dollar terbaik di Asia yang dapat di andalkan, baik bagi seorang pemula maupun seorang pebisnis online yg sudah professional.Join Gratis

Bagaimana Cara Kerja dari
syarat Utama Anda adalah HARUS PUNYA E-mail Jadi anda cukup membuka email (yahoo, gmail, hotmail, dll) kemudian periksalah E-mail Anda setiap hari. Jika ada E-mail dari EmailCashPro maka segeralah buka dan klik tulisan “Paid Link” yang ada di bagian bawah newsletter email. Untuk Standard Member Daftarnya gratis , anda akan mendapatkan 1 – 7 iklan dalam satu minngu. Jumlah iklan yang dapat anda klik akan semakin banyak saat anda upgrde keanggotaan. Untuk tahap awal silakan nikmati saja penghasilan dollar gratis sebagai Standard Member.

Emailcashpro juga memberikan sistem refferal dimana pada sistem refferal berlaku hingga 4 tingkat dimana ketika mereka bergabung dengan referensi dari Anda maka Anda akan mendapatkan 50% dari penghasilan level 1 Anda, 20% dari penghasilan level 2 Anda, 15% dari penghasilan level 3 Anda dan 10% dari penghasilan level 4 Anda.

Untuk Mulai mendaftar di Emailcashpro,KLIK banner diatas, kemudian anda akan dibawah ke form pendaftaran member emailcashpro. klik menu join for free di bagian bawah web kemudian Isikan data diri anda pada form yang tersedia.

Tips Tentang
Buka E-mail anda setiap hari Jangan biarkan link iklan yang dikirimkan ke alamat email anda ini tidak anda klik selama lebih dari 2 hari. Jika anda biarkan lebih dari dua hari maka link iklan yang dikirimkan akan hangus dan tidak dapat memberikan dollar untuk anda.



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Friday, 6 August 2010

Kemauan adalah Kunci Keberhasilan

Kemauan adalah kunci sebuah keberhasilan, siapa tidak pernah dengar kalimat ini, cukup sederhana, singkat tetapi jelas, tanpa ada kemauan siapa saja tidak akan bisa meraih sebuah keberhasilan dalam bidang apapun. sebuah usaha apapun pasti dan harus di awalai dengan kemauan, sekecil apapun, seringan apapun kalau tidak ada kemauan apapun tidak akan berarti dan tak lebih hanya sebuah angan angan belaka, bahkan lebih jelek dari mimpi di siang hari, kemauan biasanya timbul saat manusia dalam masa tertentu, jangan berpikir kemauan bararti positive, ada juga kemauan itu timbul untuk berbuat negative, dan biasanya kemauan sangan berhubungan erat dengan perasaan setiap orang, dan dari situlah kemauan akan berubah menjadi kenyataan.

Biasanya kemauan untuk berbuat negative lebih dominan dan tentu saja lebih ringan untuk bisa mewujudkanya, dan sebaliknya juga kemauan untuk berbuat positive, akan terasa lebih berat, dan malas untuk mewujudkanya menjadi kenyataan.

Hampir setiap saat kita pasti mendengar berita, melihat dan mengetahui keberhasilan orang lain, kadang kita lupa dan hanya terpikir oleh kita akan keberhasilan orang tersebut tanpa memikirkan latar belakang orang itu berusaha, berjuang dalam mewujudkan kemauanya untuk menjadi orang yang berhasil.

Demikian juga di dunia Internet, kita tiap saat juga melihat dan membaca keberhasilan orang lain yang lebih dulu berhasil dalam usahanya berbisnis melului internet, kita hanya bisa membacanya, iri, tidak tahu harus memulai dari mana supaya kita bisa seperti mereka, bagaimana mungkin kita akan berhasil dalam bisnis internet kalau kemauan untuk menulis saja kita tidak ada.
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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Email Marketing

Learn why Email Marketing is Still Important for Your Online Advertising Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the best ways of advertising your business online. As the number of email users is growing rapidly, more and more businesses are choosing email marketing as their primary advertising campaign, because it's a great method of reaching global audience for their target market.

Email marketing is cheap, easy, fast and most important - effective. Even the biggest skeptics, saying that email marketing is dead, should be convinced. It still works and brings good ROI (Return on Investment) for internet marketers.

If you are planning to start an internet business or if you already have one, it's a must to implement email marketing into the overall process of your web business promotion. A well planned email marketing campaign can bring tremendous success by boosting sales for your on-line or off-line business.Opt-In Email Marketing vs. SPAM

Before starting your email marketing campaign, you should clearly understand the difference between opt-in email marketing and spam. If you fail to do that, you may hurt your business and reputation for a long time.

Spam is very unethical way of internet marketing. Simply stated, it means sending promotional email messages to people who didn't ask that. If you try to spam, you may be banned by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and never be able to send messages from your email account again. That's strong reason why you shouldn't spam.

A much better method is opt-in email marketing. Contrary to spam it is permission based, which means that people have agreed to receive emails from you. This way of marketing is preferred by many businesses and it brings very good results. Some top marketers have achieved as much as 40% response rates using opt-in email marketing.

Another advantage of opt-in against unsolicited email marketing is that last-mentioned brings very low response rates. It's not targeted, which means that email message goes to anybody, those who are interested in your offer and those who are not. But majority of people will not even look at your email, so it's impossible to reach good response rates using unsolicited advertising.

Opt-in method is targeted though. When you send a message to a list of email addresses, you know they are interested in your offer. That's why they've subscribed in the first place right?
4 Major Ways of Using Opt-In Email Marketing

Now you know the differences between permission based advertising and spam. It's time to look at a couple of ways of using opt-in email marketing. Consider these below:


Buying Ads in Other Ezines
This is one of the fastest ways to promote any product or service with email. It is best for small business owners, because it doesn't require high budget.

Renting Opt-In List
This method is fast and responsive. Renting a list can be quite expensive, but if you have a budget, then you can expect good ROI with this one.

Buying Opt-In List
Very good way of increasing a subscriber base and achieving quality results is to simply buy a list. It is expensive, but can be very effective.
4. Building Your Own Opt-In List
Last but not least, is building your own email list (some call it in-house list). Actually, it's the best method of all mentioned above. It will require some time, but the results will greatly outweigh the efforts.

All the methods above have some advantages and disadvantages. Some are more effective, others are less. You should choose the one that fits your needs and budget. But if you have enough money, try them all and decide which one is the most effective for your internet business.
Writing Email Promotion Messages

One of the most important elements of your email marketing campaign is your promotional message. Learning how to write an effective ezine ad or follow up email message is crucial step of your email marketing campaign. Badly written message could waste your money and harm your reputation.

In order to write a good and effective promotional message, you must learn a few tactics of copywriting, because the best written sales letters or ezine ads are a result of good copywriting. It takes times to master the art, but you can start with these tips below:


Write your message to those people who are interested in your product or service. Decide who's the person that will buy from you and where to look for him or her.

Write your message not to the crowd, but to one person and put his or her name in the message. Like "How are you Lucy?". This will be better and more personal than just "Dear Subscriber".

Write interesting headlines (subject lines). These are seen first. If your headline isn't interesting, your message will be deleted. Make sure that your headline is attractive and eye catching if you want your message to be opened.

Give your prospects the opportunity to unsubscribe from your list. If you keep them against their will, you may be accused of spam. You really don't want that. So put the removal instructions at the end of your message all the time.
* Test and Track
Testing is very important. If you don't track all your campaigns, you'll never know what pulls the profit and what's not. Every successful internet marketer tests results in order to avoid bad tactics and implement the good ones.

Summing Up

Email marketing is a great way of developing a long term relationship with your target market. It allows you to communicate with your potential clients and customers to promote your products or services. If you serve their needs and treat them respectfully, in return they'll become your loyal customers and friends for life.

If you are really serious about your on-line or off-line business, you should pay attention to email marketing, because it could be your most profitable advertising method you've ever used.
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Website Design Tips

Have You Ever Wondered why Your Website isn't Making Enough Sales? Discover Simple Designing Tips that can Help You Boost Your Sales!

Professional website design is very important for your business. It’s even more important if you’re a webmaster or have an internet business, because you market your products and services directly on the web. If your website doesn’t look attractive and doesn’t grab visitor’s attention, then your sales will crash and you will easily lose your potential customers.

In order to avoid having a poor quality web site that turns visitors away, you should concentrate on the visual side of your site. A pleasant website design will be appreciated by your visitors and customers. That’s why it should be your top priority to make your site as easy, interesting and attractive as possible.

Sadly, but it often happens that webmasters don’t understand the importance of good website design. They don’t know the rules for creating professional web pages and have no idea what good web style is. If you want to build a great website, try to follow the tips below, which should help you improve your existing or create a new attractive website.Planning Your Website

This is the first step in web design process. A good planning will make it much easier to develop and maintain your site later. Start with these questions before you go any further:


What is the theme of your website?
Choose a topic that you're passionate about, something that interests you most and build a site about that topic.

What is the purpose of your website?
Is it to sell your products or services, provide useful information only, build a subscribers base or simply represent your company?

Who is your target audience?
Are they kids, students wanting to pay for a college, single men, married women, parents looking for another income stream or anyone else interested in your offer?

If you've answered the questions above, you are ready to start building your website. Start by planning it on paper first. Draw a diagram showing how your pages link to each other. Then draw a template of a page on the other piece of paper. Include navigation menu, main text area, header, footer and any other details. Then simply use that template on all your pages. This will help your style remain consistent on the whole site.

After planning everything on paper, think about the future growth of your website. It's not difficult to maintain 10 pages of your website, but what if it grows to 100 or 1000 pages. What if you decide to add another button to your navigation menu? You would have to change all the pages of your website manually. This could be really time-consuming.

In that case there's a solution called server side includes (SSI). Server side includes give the ability to include files from the server into a HTML document. You can have your navigation panel in an include file. So whenever you decide you want to add another link into your panel, you simply alter one include file and all the pages in your website change accordingly. It will really save your time.

Keep in mind that your website will require maintenance and prepare for the growth of your site. You'll definitely have much less problems in the future.
Slow Page Loading Time

This problem is still very common among internet users. If your visitors have to wait 20 seconds for a page to load, you'll lose half of your audience and limit your sales as well. Broadband internet connection is becoming more and more popular, but there are many people who still use dial-up connection. So don't make these visitors wait and keep them in mind when designing your site.

Consider the following tips, which will help you optimize your website and make the loading time faster:


Graphics increase loading time, so try to use no more than 5 in a page. Also, keep the file size down to minimum by optimizing your web graphics.

Avoid putting all your content into one large table, because visitors won't see anything else until it loads. Try to break your content into smaller tables. Put your logo, top navigation menu (if you have one), content and footer in different tables. This will load each of them accordingly and keep visitors hang on your site.

Top Image or Flash Banners
It's a bad idea to put a banner on the top of the page, because they're seen first. Huge banners take a lot of time to load. Your visitors won't appreciate that. People want to see content not a banner. Avoid using top banners, otherwise you will lose the majority of dial-up visitors.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Another factor that helps to reduce the loading time is CSS. Put your cascading style sheet into one external file and link to it from all pages. This will reduce the size of a source code and the loading time.
* HTML Tags
Many times webmasters forget to optimize their code when building websites. A web page optimization may reduce the file size by 80%. Try to use relative instead of full URL. For example, "" replace with "/images/logo.gif". If you have many links, this will save you a couple of Kbytes.

All the tips above should help you reduce the size of your web graphics, style sheets and source code. Fast loading pages will be appreciated by your visitors and will increase the number of hits to your website. But a quality web design involves much more that that. Let's look at a couple of common website design mistakes:
Browser and Platform Compatibility

This is another web development issue - computer and browser incompatibility. Many times webmasters build a website and forget to check how it looks on other machines. There are tons of people surfing the web with different computers (PC, MAC), different screen resolutions (1024x768 or 800x600), different browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera, Mozilla) and different browser versions (IE 3+, NS 3+, Opera 5+).

It can be a real headache trying to build a website that looks correctly on different platforms, resolutions, browser types and versions. But if you don't want to lose your visitors, you should learn to make your web pages compatible with (at least) recent browser versions, both platforms (PC and MAC) and screen sizes (800 x 600 and above).
More Common Website Design Mistakes

Fast loading time, platform and browser compatibility are very important factors, which determine the success of your website. If you keep them in mind when designing, you'll have a great and accessible website that your visitors will love. But often webmasters make very simple and even silly mistakes that cost them tons of money in lost sales and reputation. If you don't want this happen to you, consider a couple of tips below:


Colorful Background Images
Don't use fancy images as background. Not only they increase page loading time, but also make it hard to read the text.

White Space Between Paragraphs
Use a lot of white space in your documents. Between headlines, sub headlines and paragraphs. It will be easier to read, because visitors will have time to rest their eyes.

Navigation Menu
Make it readable and easy to find. Many times people see a link and can't figure out what does it mean or where will it lead them. Use understandable names in your navigation links. Also, make it easy to find all your main pages. Use a navigation bar on all your pages, so visitors could easily get back to your home page or any other page.

Consistent Page Design
It happens that people change the design from page to page. For example, when people click a link and see a different navigation bar, they feel confused. You'll lose visitors. Keep your design consistent on all pages.

Font Size
Sometimes webmasters use too large or too small fonts. You can use large fonts for headlines. But use normal font sizes for a main text. Like 10px or 12px, or 8pt or 10pt, but don't get confused here. 10px doesn't equal to 10pt. Points are dependant on screen resolution and pixels are fixed. It's recommended to use pixels, because they'll be seen the same on different resolutions and platforms.

Try not to use frames if possible. Search engines don't like them. Lot's of frames on a page can make it look badly. If you really have to use frames, use them carefully. Don't make your visitors scroll horizontally to see the end of a sentence or a link.
* Order Button
Often people have an ecommerce website, but forget to include an order button. If you sell something, put the order information in visible place. Use order button on every page of your site.

In Conclusion

Good website design should be clear, simple, easy to navigate and good looking. It should be subtle and concentrate on your visitor's needs. A good website design makes you stay longer and come back to the site later. A great looking and functional website should be your key to online success.

Website design is a way of representing your business on the internet. It creates an image of your company whereby people decide whether it's worth doing business with you or not. Having a professionally looking site can reward you many times. Not only will you gain more loyal customers and business relationships, but also increase your sales tremendously.
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Pay Per Click Search Engines

Today, more and more businesses and small business owners are looking into the internet as the cost effective way to boost their income. Majority of them consider search engines to be the most effective targeted traffic generators. However, getting top rankings for chosen keywords can be quite difficult. As a matter of fact, it can take up to a year or more for a website to get top placement in major search engines. But there’s another way to get listed in search engines, fast.

It’s called pay-per-click search engines. PPC search engines can put your website next to other search listings and start bringing you quality and targeted traffic within minutes.
How Pay Per Click Search Engines Work?You have probably seen ads on the right side of Google search engine listings, or top and bottom of Yahoo search listings. These ads are called “sponsored search listings” or simply PPC ads. They appear whenever advertisers bid on the keywords that visitors are searching for.

Let’s say you’ve decided to advertise on PPC search engine. The first step you do is keyword research. You make a list of keywords that represent your website or product. Later, see how many times people search for these keywords. And then bid on those keywords. Depending on a search engine, bids may vary from 1 cent per click to $100 per click.

If you bid too high, you might run out of funds very quickly. If you bid too low, you may never receive any traffic at all or receive only few clicks. So you have to choose the best cost-per-click for you if you want to get decent traffic and positive ROI (Return on investment).

After bidding on keywords, you also have to write an ad message that will be displayed when a visitor searches for the information relevant to your ad. Then your message is reviewed by staff members. If approved, your ads start running immediately.

So when a visitor enters a keyword or keyphrase that you are bidding on, your message appears next to the search results. If a visitor decides that your message is relevant to his search and attractive enough, he will click on your ad. When he clicks your sponsored listings, the amount of money you choose to bid on that keyword, will be deducted from your account. You have to be careful though, cause you can run out of funds very quickly if you bid too high.
Conversion Tracking and ROI

One more step before jumping into the PPC game is to determine your ROI. For example, you sell a product that costs $100. We’ll assume your conversion ratio (CR – number of people who buy compared to the number of people who visited your site) is 1%. That means 1 out of 100 people buy your product. You bid $1 per click and you get 100 visitors. So you pay $100 in PPC marketing and you make $100 from the sales (no return on investment).

If you have additional expenses, like the shipment of your product, then you’ll lose more money than you’ll make. In this case you should bid less that $1 per click. However, if your conversion ration is 10%, then you can make some nice profit. CR is different in every industry. It also depends on your website (how it converts), your ad message and the keywords you select to bid on.
The Best Pay Per Click Search Engines?

Many people ask the same question: “Which is the best PPC search engine?”

Majority of advertisers will tell you that Google Adwords and Yahoo are the best PPC search engines. They are the largest in the industry, they offer professional support and they receive quality and targeted search traffic. As people claim, they bring the best ROI compared to the other engines.

However, smaller PPC search engines can also be very profitable. As said before, it depends on many factors. Some niches might bring better ROI using smaller PPC’s than the large ones.

Let’s say on Google, to be listed in position 1 or 2, you would have to bid .50 (50 cents) a click for a selected term. Then you would have to spend $50 to get 100 visitors. We’ll assume you sell a product that costs $10. If you have 5% CR, then you sell your product to 5 customers and get $50. Again, you have no ROI. But, smaller PPC’s might be a better idea. Here’s why:

You sell the same product for $10. But your conversion is lower, 1% instead of 5%. As long as the PPC search engine is smaller, you now pay only 0.01 (1 cent) a click. Now with 1% CR, 1 out of 100 people buy your product. You spend $1 to get 100 visitors and make $10 per sale. You spend $5 and make $50. As you can see the smaller PPC brings you much better profit in this case. However, it’s just a theory. You need to test and track every keyword and every campaign in order to discover how it actually converts in your case.
In Conclusion

PPC search engines can be risky. You might guess how many visitors you’ll bring, how much money you’ll make, but the reality is usually very different than your calculations. You may not receive so many clicks in the beginning, so you’ll have to bid higher. If you bid higher, you might spend more money than you were planning to. So you better have good funds in your account in the beginning, because you’ll probably have to spend a lot of money upfront, before you make a sale.

Some people are making thousands of dollars a week from pay per click search engines. So try it out, and if you master the art of PPC’s, you can make some serious money online, from the comfort of your home.
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Learn the Ultimate Internet Marketing Strategy

What is an Effective Internet Marketing Strategy?

If you’re still struggling to finally reach your financial independence & make a nice living from your home, then listen... The only reason why you’re failing is because you don’t have a good website marketing strategy.

If you ask any successful offline world entrepreneur how it’s possible to build a great business without a proper strategy, he’ll start laughing. But many internet marketers are trying to make money without even realizing what on earth they’re doing online…

If you believe that you can jump in, create a website, submit it to a few directories or blogs, sit down, relax & watch those thousands of dollars (that you’ve seen in many marketers’ checks) to come, then you need to stop right there. It ain’t gonna happen. You need to think: who you are and where do you want to be in the future. Whether offline or online, there are only two things that matter: “Buying” and “Selling”. Basically, to simplify, it all comes down to this:

  • Who is your customer?
    What is he or she specifically looking for? You must know their problems or desires. You must be in their shoes and find out what is that would make them feel better (an offer).

  • What is your offer?
    Why should they buy from you? How come you’re better than the rest? Why should they trust you? Are you offering your own or someone else’s product? How will you create an irresistible offer so they beg you to sell it to them?

Think about it… There are millions of people buying online every single day. If they’re not buying from you then whose fault is that - theirs or yours?

Before you even start creating internet marketing strategy for your website(s), you need to do a research. That’s where it all begins actually. Just like in any business, you have to understand where you are and what can you do.

#1 Phase - Online Research

In this phase, you must research your market. Who are your main competitors? What are they doing online? PPC, SEO, press releases, develop their own products, do affiliate marketing or Adsense? What are their weaknesses? Do they offer a guarantee? Is their product really good? Do they build links constantly or not?

Who is your favourite customer? Where do they hangout: MySpace or YouTube? Are they freebie seekers or desperate buyers? What forces them to buy one or another product? Read reviews, forums, testimonials to find out as much as you can about your target market.

#2 Phase – Data Analysis

If you’ve performed a thorough online market research, it’s time to systematize the data you have. Write down what are the main strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Maybe you have more time than your competitors? Or maybe you know some targeted traffic source that others don’t. How might this affect your business?

Which are the places your target market usually visits? What are their main concerns? Maybe they’re not satisfied with the products in the market. Can offer something better, maybe in a form of a bonus? After that, you come to the next step, which is developing your internet marketing strategy.

#3 Phase – Strategy Development

When you already know your target market and your competitors, you are able to start creating your internet marketing strategy (or strategies). Just sit down and think about: who you are and what you can offer to the target market.

It involves a little bit of planning. What marketing methods you’ll use and which ones you can afford? PPC, SEO, email, blogging, podcasting, video blogging, webinars, viral traffic generation, link building, banner exchange or others…? You must prioritize your web marketing tactics. Find out what’s going to bring you positive ROI in the shortest time possible.

Do you have enough time to perform search engine optimization? If so, then sit and do everything you can, day in day out, to rank at the top in search engines. Don’t have time? Then buy PPC traffic and start testing your landing pages effectively. Or buy resell rights to products and sell them on ClickBank with the help of JV partners.

Don’t have time AND money? Then you better get one or another, otherwise you’re dead.

Seriously, you must find ways to get time or money. You need to think about how you can exploit other people’s time and money to build your own web business. That’s what rich people do and that’s what you must do if you want to survive in this competitive world.

#4 Phase – Monitoring Performance

When you have an internet marketing plan, you can start implementing it right away. The last step is to start monitoring your internet marketing campaigns. Which keywords people typed into search engines to find your site? Which keywords brought you the most money in PPC marketing? Are you satisfied with your SEO rankings or not? Do majority of your visitors leave your site without even spending 30 seconds? And so on…

Only with the help of close monitoring you can discover what works and what doesn’t. Testing landing pages, testing Adwords ads against each other (A/B split testing) can show you some amazing results. And remember – you never know for sure until you TEST it!

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